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Frequently asked questions.

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Q. How many times a year is Last Generation magazine produced?
A. Six (bimonthly)
Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes. See overseas shipping rates for subscriptions here. For all other inquiries regarding overseas shipments, including pallets to your country, please contact us at
Q. How long has Last Generation magazine been in print?
A. Since January 1989.
Q. Are you affiliated with the Last Generation Theology (LGT) network?
A. Last Generation magazine has been in circulation for 30 years and has never been owned or operated by any group in a “LGT” network, if one exists.
Q. Does Last Generation magazine promote Last Generation Theology?
A. See our philosophy statement here.
Q. Do you believe that Jesus will come during the lifetime of this generation?
A. From our understanding of Bible prophecy, we are living in the last days. The same Jesus who told us to “occupy ’til I come,” also encouraged us to "be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” Matthew 24:14. Though we don’t know the day or the hour, we believe the choices of those who are preparing for His coming are distinctly different from the choices made by those who believe “my Lord delayeth His coming.”

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